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January 24, 2013
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You are me and I am you by andava You are me and I am you by andava
"You are enjoying my sister's company, huh? She is going to make a "Warrior," out of you?

I actually finished this piece yesterday but I couldn't post it earlier due to a lack of internet connection. That said, I think it was a good thing because this would not be if it wasn't for that.
Please Comment, tell me what you think? I like feedback.
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BrookeCPhotography Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It was one of the best scenes of the game! :D Especially the soundtrack in it.
The part that gave me chills was when he screamed at Jason to shoot him to "end this misery"
Very nice work with the drawing,I absolutely love the blue and shading! :la:
Every scene with Vaas in it gave me chills,Michael Mando just made the game for me. When I learned that he was just a "minor," character it the game I was bummed out. Hoyt, is such a boring and weak villain compared to every other character in the game.

Yeah the Far Cry 3 main theme, I got to say...though I don't like skrillex, I liked it in the game. It went with the craziness. I downloaded the Main theme and played it over and over again when doing this piece.

While I don't get the reference, I like the idea behind the saying. As a player, I do become the character. I don't think, "oh, how am I going to get Nate up that wall?" It's, "how am I going to get up there!?" Thus, I am Nate Drake and he is me during the time I play. I can't remember the line of thought it comes from, though I think it is Eastern in origin.
The reference? It's a quote that Vaas says in the game moments before kicking the bucket.
I don't know who Vaas is. I'm guessing by style he's from Borderlands 2...?
I was just clarifying, kinda hard to do without looking like an arrogant punk XD.
He's from the latest of the Far Cry series. He is in the game for such a short period of time but man he's great. People really love him as a character. I would recommend playing it,but doesn't have to be now.
It's alright. I figured it out just now when I clicked on a link to a review of the game by 3killabytes.

I guess this is another game to add to my wish list!
7Shadow-Mariko3 Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm really starting to wish I had this game...T.T
Very good though...
Wow I love it! :heart:
Its so dark, you captured Vaas and his personality perfectly
Great work :D
Thank you, I had fun sketching it out and painting it.
Glad you like it
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