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Payment: PayPal
Payment is required to confirm a commission spot. Once your commission is approved I will let you know and then you can send payment. All payment is upfront on the part of the commissioner.

FOR CONTENT NSFW: If you wanted me to draw an erotic picture I would prefer it to be straight. But what about if it wasn’t? Say you wanted to commission me to do a shemale/Futa piece, I would be very hesitant to comply but I would because I want to be somewhat a “professional.” However, I wouldn’t have much incentive to do it unless I was compensated enough to do it.) Get me? So on explicit content my rates vary and I would have to make arrangements and agreements on the price…Maybe If I’m in a good mood I don’t care and will accept it.

My rates:


$40 sketch commissions . +$ 10 for every additional character


$60 messy color sketchy-ish character, simple background 
+$20 for every additional character


$50 Clean line work lineart commission + 20 for every additional character


$80 Full Color of a 3/4 character, clean line work, gradient/one color background 
+$40 for every additional character

$100 Full Color of a full body character, clean line work, gradient/one color background 
+$50 for every additional character



$20 Bust shots (Head to shoulder….or breasts) Flat colors and simple shading. +$10 for additional characters or props.

$20 CHIBIS (I don’t have any examples of this…But YOU can change that!) Full colors, +10 for additional characters or props.

-For returning customers they have discounts. I will not disclose how much the discount is but it is pretty hefty.

-(This is a must!!) Reference of the character is required, I will not draw a character based on a written description. A bunch of photos of people and clothes saying “this is what I think they’d look like” to supplement your written description does not help either :/

-Characters which I design belong to me. (Reason is to keep or put it in my Portfolio.)

-You are allowed to post the piece to your gallery (or galleries) as long as credit and a link-back is given.
-You are allowed to print it out to hang, or make things for your own personal use.
-YOU CANNOT sell the artwork for profit or reproduce the image in any way.

-Posting Rights:
I have the right to post all commissions in my galleries and/or website and use them as advertising for my services.

email and paypal address

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Submitted on
June 2, 2014